Welcome to NADM Firearms Training.  

Our mission at NADM is to educate those new to firearms about the type of firearm they need, types of ammunition available and above all the safety practices that go hand in hand with owning a gun.

Our 2 hour introduction class is calledReady.......Aim........Fire and is designed to acquaint you with different types of guns, types of ammunition, safe handling procedures and shooting techniques.  Maximum class size is 6 students.

We offer Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry classes as well as NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun classes.  If you are new to firearms, or feel you would like more information before attending a concealed carry class, we recommend our 2 hour Ready...Aim...Fire Class.

Jamie works extensively with ladies who are interested in firearms but maybe aren't quite as comfortable as they would like to be with them.  Please don't let the fact that you may have never fired a gun prevent you from learning and enjoying shooting sports.  We have classes for every skill level.

Our motto is Shoot Safely....Shoot Well and we strive to always put into practice the methods that make us safer and better shooters.

Darral and Jamie Green
NADM (where there is Never A  Dull Moment) Firearms Training

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